Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee


              Ragging is a crime and offense the Anti-ragging committee deeply observes the behavioral attitudes of students and forties friendliness among the student community. The committee meets in a month and records all the month's activities.

             The students are encouraged to report to the committee any ragging-related complaints immediately to the concerned Heads of Departments and intern to the Anti-ragging committee.

Anti-Ragging Committee

S. No.




Present Designation / Occupation

Telephone/ Mobile Number

E-Mail ID


Dr. B. Maruthu Kannan Chairman Principal Principal 04544-246501,


Mr. N.J.Thangamuniasamy Member Police Department Inspector of Police 04544-244439,
3 Mr. N. Ramiah Revenue/Taluk/ Civil/Officer Tahsildar 9003300652 ramiahsrn@gmail.com
4 Mr. A. Chandrasekaran Official of NGO Secretary MERDS 9715231860 medra36@yahoo.com
5 Mrs. N. Saraswathi Representative of Parents Business 7010007531 sainatha1980@gmail.com
6 Mr. S. Anbuselvam Representative of Students Student (Third Year Civil) 98433773214 anbuselvam3214@gmail.com
7 Ms. E. Dorothy Bertina Representative of Students Student (First Year MECH) 8940687844 dorothybertina7@gmail.com
8 Dr. T. Saravana Kannan Representative of Faculty Members HOD 9941033755 saravanakannant@nprcolleges.org
9 Mr. K. Balaji Representative of non-teaching Office Clerk 8610058170 baalaaji@nprcolleges.org


Anti-Ragging Squad


S. No. Name Position Category Present Designation / Occupation  Telephone Numbers     Mobile Numbers E-Mail ID
1 Dr. B. Maruthu Kannan Chairman Principal Principal 04544-246529 7373444449 nprcetprincipal@nprcolleges.org
2 Dr. T. Saravana Kannan Member HOD 1 HOD MECH 04544-246547 9941033755 saravanakannant@nprcolleges.org
3 Mrs. V. Sujitha Faculty Member Assistant Professor 04544-246539 9965630155 sujithav@nprcolleges.org
4 Dr. M. Iyappan 04544-246548 9994303222 iyappanm@nprcolleges.org
5 Dr. S. Paulsingarayar 04544-246547 9965358057 paulsingarayar@nprcolleges.org
6 Mr. K. Yogunath 04544-246537 7667715077 kyogunath@nprcolleges.org
7 Mrs. V. Tamilselvi 04544-246542 9943819028  tamilselviv@nprcolleges.org
8 Mrs. G. Renganayahi 04544-246549 9344934770 renganayahig@nprcolleges.org
9 Mr. C. Vijayakumar 04544-246548 9585752446 cvijayakumar@nprcolleges.org
10 Mr. S. Sudhakar Deputy Warden of Boys Hostel 04544-246572 9884497228/8973555552 sudhakar@nprcolleges.org
11 Dr. M. Jenifer HOD 2 Deputy Warden of Girls Hostel 04544-246574 8056368409/ 8973555553 jeniferm@nprcolleges.org


Minutes of Meetings