About NISP

About NISP

About Us: 

        NPR College of Engineering & Technology has joined the campaign on implementing National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP) under the aegis of the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC) and adopted the policy framed which aims at promoting innovation and startup culture among the students and faculty of Higher Education Institutions


       To develop robust startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems to facilitate innovation and research culture.


       1. To orient the educational infrastructure towards startup activities

       2. To motivate and support students to opt startups and entrepreneurship as a career plan

       3. To provide the mechanisms of startups through training, capacity building, networking and knowledge-based support services

       4. To actively engage Alumni network for startups and promotion

       5. To provide guidelines to stakeholders to manage IPR ownership, technology licensing and equity sharing in startups established by faculty and students

Short Term Goal:

      1. To inculcate the importance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Seminars, Guest Lectures and Workshops in the institution

      2. To motivate and facilitate the aspiring students to learn and practice innovations through projects

Long term Goal:

      1. To develop entrepreneurship culture in regional, social and community level

      2. To facilitate Alumni of the institution as well as outsiders through startup ecosystems

     3. To facilitate innovative startups through incubation center in the identified core areas of Engineering and Technology.

     4. To facilitate registering patent for the prototypes developed.


    1. To adopt and develop entrepreneurial culture in the institution

    2. To prepare students to create new business ideas

   3. To provide training for aspiring students to acquire necessary skills to and facilitate business knowledge.

   4. To build the endurance to establish startups.

   5. To help students realize the ecological changes and opportunities in business environment.

   6. To practice effective IP Management.