English Literary Club

English Literary Club


  • We firmly embody the spirit of ‘carpe diem,’ which encapsulates the ethos of seizing the day and triumphing over life’s events and challenges. together, we will seize every opportunity, face every challenge, and triumphantly emerge, shining brightly in pursuit of excellence


  • ELA's mission is to elucidate, disseminate, and strengthen the essence of literature to the students through tasks and activities.

English Literary Club Members

S. No. Name Designation Role
1 Mr. R. Kesava Guptha HoD / English Co-ordinator
2 Ms. S. Gayathri Devi AP / English
3 Dr. K. Mugundhan AP / Tamil Assistant Co-ordinator
4 S.T. Tarani II BA (English) Student Co-ordinator
5 E. Xavier Leonard II CS A