Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall with a capacity of 300 Participants.

Smart Class Room

Exclusive Smart Class Room with the state of the art amenities. 

Class Rooms

  • A classroom is dedicated primarily to teaching or learning activities.
  • The classroom attempts to provide a safe space where learning can take place uninterrupted by other distractions.
  • Traditionally, this was a blackboard but our smart classrooms are well-equipped with LCD projector.
  • Our Department has the facility of 5 classrooms with a seating capacity of 60 each.
  • Classrooms are spacious,well-ventilated with natural light and adequate electrical facilities. Well-designed furniture, and teaching aids like LCD used for the teaching-learning process


Department Library

Departmental libraries specialize in purchasing content around a particular discipline. The Department Library occupies a unique place in the academic and research activities of the Department. It is perhaps the most important central facility provided by the Institute. The Library maintains an excellent collection of data books, occasional papers, and other documents/materials. The Library has a well-equipped facility for reading. The Library has books around 350.