Industrial Automation Laboratory

  • This laboratory provides periodical in-house training programs and workshops for students and engineering professionals to bring out professional and technical excellence in industrial automation to bridge the gap between industries and academia.
  • The main objective is to disseminate automation knowledge and appropriate skill practices through a proper training and certification system to meet the automation era's demand.
  • The outcomes of this laboratory allow the students to design, develop, and troubleshoot a project/prototype/product for industrial real-time problems

Project Laboratory

  • This lab is specifically made to allow the department's project laboratory give students the chance to work in a cutting-edge setting and acquire practical experience that helps them develop the creative and technical abilities necessary for careers in Electrical and Electronics engineering. 
  • The Project Laboratory, where students create original concepts and carry out their final projects, is crucial to the promotion of practical learning experiences.

Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory

  • This lab is dedicated to train the students in renewable energy resources like solar, wind and fuel cells technology. 
  • Experiments in solar panels help the students to get the detail about working and performance of PV panels

Power System Simulation Laboratory

  • The Power System Simulation Laboratory is one of the laboratories that focus on developing the simulation application and studying the Electric Power System. 
  • The main focus of this laboratory is on completing projects including the design of electrical and electronic circuits using MATLAB, which is a popular tool among graduate and undergraduate students. 
  • 36 PCs with printing capabilities are available in the lab.

Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory

  • The Power Electronics Lab is equipped with all types of Controllers, Choppers, Regulator power supply, stepper motor controller, IC trainer kit, Inverters, Converters for simulation and are mainly covered in this laboratory
  • Through hands on experiment with real components &equipments, students can gain practical exposure.
  • The students are developing prototype projects using our Power Electronics equipments by testing using CRO, DSO, Functions generator etc.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

  • The lab for electrical machines is essential in assisting students in bridging the knowledge gap between theory and practice.
  • It helps them comprehend electrical machinery on a deeper level and gets them ready for problems that arise in the real world of electrical engineering. 
  • The lab is furnished with a variety of AC and DC electrical machines, transformers, and traditional as well as contemporary electrical and electronics measuring apparatus. Undergraduate students may quickly grasp the fundamentals and adjust to more complex experiments, such as modeling electrical machines and special electrical machines

Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab

  • This lab is specifically made to allow students to examine the features of different electronic devices. 
  • This lab is well-equipped with tools such as digital and cathode ray oscilloscopes (CROs), function generators, regulator DC power supply (RPS), and a variety of digital and analog meters. 
  • This lab provides hands-on experience with various fundamental electronic device applications.

Engineering Practices Laboratory

  • This lab is specifically made to allow Freshers entering a professional program need to be familiar with all engineering task types and appropriate standard operating procedures.
  • First-year students are exposed to and given practical experience with a variety of fundamental engineering practices in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineering in this laboratory.

Class Room

Class Room

Seminar Hall

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