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Every Indian learner deserves to be given a chance to have the highest quality education. Scarcity of trained teachers critically hinders this national desire. This project envisions empowerment of teachers, through workshops conducted for thousands of teachers at one go, using a unique blend of technology and an innovative pedagogy. Thousands have experienced the effectiveness of this approach, and of the resulting open source contents.

The “Teach 1000 Teachers” programme was initiated by IIT Bombay in 2009 under the project, “Empowerment of Students/Teachers,” sponsored by NMEICT (MHRD.), to enhance the teaching skills of engineering faculty. Participants attend workshops conducted by expert faculty, in multiple remote centers. Lectures are delivered at IIT Bombay, using multi-way visual interaction. Tutorials and labs are conducted at remote centers by a local senior faculty, trained earlier by the expert.
This program has now grown to include 10,000 participating teachers. The main focus of this programme is to work with Engineering Colleges in the country to enhance the teaching skills of faculty in core Engineering and Science subjects.

Under the programme, IIT Bombay conducts ISTE workshops during the vacation period in summer and winter. Teachers attend the workshops at a designated Remote Center (RC), close to their own college. Lectures are delivered by faculty from IIT Bombay, while tutorials and lab sessions are conducted locally in the same RC. The lecture transmission and live interaction take place in a virtual classroom environment, using the AVIEW technology on the internet.
A Remote Center (RC) is a place from where the participants/people can interact with the instructor (faculty at IIT) who is conducting the course or delivering a lecture from IIT Bombay. The live lectures are transmitted at Remote Centers using A-VIEW software.

  • The Remote Center (RC) is usually a reputed engineering college with good facility and infrastructure.
  • It acts as a host for the virtual classroom environment created by A-VIEW.
  • The participant can attend the workshop in a RC close to his/her place. The RC minimizes the logistics of travel, boarding and lodging.

Our College is a Remote centre for IIT Bombay and the Remote centre No: 1221

The following workshops are conducted in our college;

Venue: NPRCET IT lab

S.NO Name of the program Duration
1 2 day ISTE workshop on “Aakash Project for Education” 10th and 11th November 2012
2 Two-week (10 working days) ISTE workshop on "Engineering Thermodynamics" 11th - 21st Dec, 2012.
3 2 day ISTE workshop on “Research Methods in Educational Technology” 2nd & 9th February 2013
4 Two-week (10 working days) ISTE workshop on "Database Management Systems” 21st May -31st May, 2013
5 Two-week (10 working days) ISTE workshop on "Fluid Mechanics” 20th May – 30th May , 2014
6 Two-week (10 working days) ISTE workshop on "Computer Programming” 16th June – 21st June,2014
7 Two-week (10 working days) ISTE workshop on "Control Systems” 2nd December -12th December,2014

AAKASH PROJECT CENTER on 11,12-11-2012

The inaugural function for ISTE workshop on Aakash Project for Education in NPR College of Engineering and Technology took place on the Tenth of November, 2012. Mr.C.Azhagappan, Executive Officer, NPR Group of Colleges presided over the function and Dr.M.Shahul Hammed, Principal, NPR College of Engineering and Technology, felicitated the gathering.Mr.B.Sundaravadivazhagan, Aakash Project Coordinator-IIT Bombay, HOD/IT, N.P.R College of Engineering & Technology, welcomes the staff members. Mr.N.Kannadassan, Remote Center Coordinator IIT Bombay, AP/Mech, N.P.R College of Engineering & Technology, gave Vote of Thanks.

Aakash Tablet-II launched by MHRD on November 11th , 2012. In the upcoming year, it is likely to become a pervasive tool in the hands of students. This research aims at developing useful Open Source applications and contents for different versions of the tablet. These will range from animations to scientific computing, and will encompass the entire educational spectrum covering schools, colleges, and professional studies.

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